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Text for Page 155 [08-12-1860]

	Young Brown and his Trunk.
  12.  Sunday.  Haney out for a drive with Mat-
ty.        Walk to �the saw-mill� with Sally, Jack,
little Jessie, Brown and Knudsen.    The latter
abandoned us to go to church, a thing he don�t do
in town, practicing it in the country for the sake
of the example.           Haney off for return to New
York with Eliza, intending to take the night-
boat from Troy.            Sally, Jessy, Jack, Brown
and I, out rowing on the first pond in the
evening.  I rowed the party, barring Jack,
who got in another boat, round the pond first
and then Brown did the like.
  13.  Monday.  A ceaselessly wet day.   Brown,
who had left a trunk in Troy with orders for
its transmission hither by the mail, hired trap
to go in search of it, as Haney and Collard
had both failed, in their yesterday�s endeavor.
We desultorized all day, I scribbling and de-
zing somewhat.  By supper time Brown re-
turned, a very wet young man indeed, with
the recovered trunk, which he had obtained
after much inquiry and difficulty at Quacken-
kill, within five miles of his starting-place.  Re-
citations, songs, cards and talk in the evening.
  14.  Tuesday.  Another drenching day.  In doors,
all of us, desultorizing.
15.	Wednesday.  Sunlight again, and out on               
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