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Text for Page 156 [08-15-1860]

            Another Ride with Sally Edwards.
horseback with Sally.     This time took the road
opposite the Grafton House, which proved 
unusually hilly and stony.    The two young horses
were brisk and inclined to shying, once or twice
violently so; at a pile of carpenters shavings mine
shied and plunged and tried going off at a gallop
to such an extent that I prided myself, first on 
keeping my saddle and presently on subduing my
horse.       Subsequent to his bit of Rarey practice
we retraced our steps and struck into a wilder
road which led us through a bit of forest, over
a rotten and dank plank-pathway and anon
out across an open, stony hill side where cows and
a horse were feeding and where the track was
scarcely perceptible.   Persevering, we struck down
a green, wet lane with rocks and puddles under
our horses´┐Ż feet and trees and undergrowth on
either side, overhead the sun burning hotly but
not unwelcomely.   This lane at length terminated
in a gate and a hill side, preventing further
progress.  Retracing our steps, I dismounted
and for twenty minutes busied myself in gathering
handfuls of the wet, rain-washed raspberries that
grew profusely on the bushes, handing them to my
companion, who held the horses, sitting in her
saddle.     They, too, emulated our example, munch-
ing freely.         The taste of the berries has been               
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