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Text for Page 157 [08-15-1860]

          A Walk in Company.     Matty.
impaired by the rain, but it was an idle time,
a pleasant time! even little Tommy might 
have known how kindly and innocently I felt
towards Sally without hating me.      Remounting
we retraced our steps till we came to the road
leading towards the Saw-mill and then follow-
ed that and went beyond it.         Every little 
stream and pool was swollen, all the land-
scape presented evidence of the late heavy rains
Sometimes we plashed through big puddles, to
the muddying of Sally�s riding-skirt.          By
11 � we returned to the house.   This was my
last ride with Sally; we had more confidences
in it, some of which I have embodied in the
preceding one.     Subsequent to dinner a six-
mile walk, past the ponds to a certain hill
top where was a view.   Sally, Matty, Brown,
Knudsen and little Jessy were of the party,
though the last turned back before we reached
our hill-top.     Brown kept by Sally�s side the
greater portion of the time, (of which more here-
after) and Matty leaned on the arm of Knud-
sen.    She was fatigued and unwell; has been
the latter, indeed, all the time.    She was also,
more�s the pity, rather ill-conditioned, disposed
to remain mute when spoken to, and towards
emulating Eliza in the damned American prac-               
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