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Text for Page 160 [08-16-1860]

          Sally �trying it on� with Mort Brown.
der where he is now, good fellow!)     Reaching
it after further peregrinations through the woods,
all to lying on the grass, plucking berries and
idly looking at the prospect.       From this elevation
you could see into three states, it was said.         I
listened awhile to Sally �practising� with young
Brown and presently dozed.             All down again,
I marching ahead with Collard.          Another halt
at the spot where we had left the baskets and
another feed.      Presently, rolling stones down a
steep mountain-side into a wood.            Return to
the farm-house, into wagon and off, Grafton-wards.
The mountains in our rear looked singularly beau-
tiful in the sunset, surpassing anything we had
seen in the course of the day.     Fun going home,
kissing of hands to country-girls on the part of
Jack, Brown and I, sometimes to their exaspera-
tion.   One apostrophized the party as �tarnal loafers�
and �darned fools.�        Rather tired when we got
to Grafton and to bed early.
  17.  Friday.  Sally and Mort Brown out for
a morning�s ride; the rest of us packing up, set-
ting bills &c.     Our last dinner at Grafton.    All
into wagon by 1, and off for Troy.       A beautiful,
sultry afternoon, umbrellas convenient to shield
us from the sun.        At Troy by 5, to the steam-
boat, securing state-cabins and depositing baggage,               
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