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Text for Page 161 [08-17-1860]

	            Sally tells me
then to the Troy House, anon, for a stroll to
the hill overlooking the town, consistently named
Mount Ida, on which stands a University.
Mort Brown walked ahead with Matty, I with
Sally.    During the past three days I had been
rallying her on her Blanche Amory practice with
young Brown, which had amused me not a 
little and her more.       She paid him neat little
compliments with quiet, calm audacity, chaffed,
laughed and talked with a pretence of admira-
tion for him edifying to see.      He responded by
a few speeches, supposing everything in earnest,
but warning her against �inadvertent captivation�
as Mr Weller has it.       During this walk with
Sally she gave me the whole detail of it and its,
this morning�s culmination.       Did he propose?
I asked.     �Oh! no! bless you, quite the contrary
� he fancied I was in love with him!�   He had
told her he was quite accustomed to such conquests,
that he didn�t believe in love and seriously inform-
ed her that he wasn�t to be had!           He narrated
his successes, said he had three or four daguerre-
otypes of girls, procured under promise of giving
his own, which he didn�t do.     �What fools they
must have been!� commented Sally.  �Upon my word
you are very complimentary to my friends!� says
he, going off into a little gallop..       It must have               
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