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Text for Page 162 [08-17-1860]

	             All about It.
been a funny scene, young New York having the
tables turned upon him by this singular, clever
girl.      She told him he wasn�t a bad-looking fel-
low, that he �dressed nice,� and it was a pity
he shouldn�t know better than to suppose &c., &c!
She says the opening of his eyes made him uncom-
fortable, he knew he had been �made fun of.�   When
she put in one of her neat little compliments, he
replied �Come, now! no more of that!�        �He�ll
try it on Matty, now,� added Sally, �and get on
better, � she�ll laugh at everything he says.�   I
rallied her on Mort Brown�s inevitably conclu-
ding that she had set her cap daringly at him,
but finding it a dead failure, resorting to the ex-
pedient of affecting a joke; and improvised his
probable way of narrating it to a friend.        �I
suppose I oughtn�t to do it, and that it�s very
wicked,� said Sally, �but its so amusing.�  �You
can�t help it!� I answered, with a reference to
Thackeray�s remarks about little Fanny Huxter,
nee Bolton, which I had, one evening before, silent-
ly pointed out to her, �a clever girl finding
out how easy it is to snare any man must prac-
tice: when you encounter one, be it a Haney or a 
Mort Brown � anybody � you want to see if you
could have him!  You did it to me you know
and I liked it and inquired mentally what was               
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