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Text for Page 166 [08-18-1860]

	    At 132 Bleecker Street.
ned to her.     It is rumored that Brentnoll is
engaged to marry his sister, and that he kept a
look-out upon his conduct with Lotty in consequence.
He, they say, was completely infatuated; would 
sit looking into her eyes, leaning his arm on her
knee or vice versa.      She sang brilliantly, vocife-
rously, exciting attention out of doors, she con-
versed so that even the women acknowledge her
attractiveness, she made loose, lying confidences
about her �husband� and position and scandal-
lized everybody by her behavior.   She took the
two men out for a day�s pic-nic and excursion
within a day or two of their introduction; she
sat out on the rear-roof philandering until 3
or 4 in the morning; she kissed both of the men
in the presence of Boweryem (who she quite
threw over, barely speaking to him) and is
currently believed to have sent Brentnoll out
nocturnally for a bottle of brandy.   (This I can
credit � she took her schnapps at Fordham.)
The women cut her and cackled in private and
she defied �em.   Mrs Ham said she was �a bad
one,� Lizzie Woodward turned up her nose
and stood on her dignity, Mrs Boley grew in-
dignant and neglected Lotty�s party at dinner,
only honest Miss Trainque found an apologetic
word for the prime offender, and she too, tired               
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