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Text for Page 167 [08-18-1860]

	     Lotty and �Jule� Martin.
of being a tacit witness of such �goings on.�   The
amiable Dr. Kinne and his wife were exultant
and edifying in their comments, he offended bets that
Lotty was illegitimately begotten and unmar-
ried.   (He may be right in both particulars, though
her resemblance to her father is in her favor and I
credit the bigamy as characteristic.)    Boweryem was
unwise enough to dispute the matter, producing
certain cards with �Mrs Arthur Granville, Rose
Cottage Fordham� sent out from England by the
bigamitic brother of �Madame Marguerittes,� one
of which the doctor obtained and displayed in the
parlor with intimations of Phallic accommodation 
to the men boarders.   They seem to have had little
to say or do with Lotty, barring the two English-
men, who have a watch or jewelry store in Broad-
way � I suppose a branch of some English house.
�Jule� Martin comes in but for minor condemna-
tion, as Lotty�s gooseberry-picker � as they used
to call little brothers to pretty girls in England.   Mrs
Palmer says she believes Miss Martin to be a real
decent girl, �which she may be despite an equivocal
expression of the eye.   The same authority asserts
that Lotty is very well known in boarding-houses,
that she passed under the name of Lotty Lane �
evidently Alleyne.         After nearly a week of these
doings, both Lotty and her bottle-holder surrepti-               
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