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Text for Page 095 [05-04-1851]

              the bed of the sick and suffering; when the patriot lives or dies, daring all
for the dear country of his home and heart; � then, then do we Love Virtue.
And when Jesus prays for his enemies, and led to a death of shame and
agony, with tortured frame, and bursting tears, from his heart, cries �Lord forgive
them, for they know not what they do � �  who is there of whatever stubborn^|n|ess
of heart, but will say �Anything but this!  Terror � punishment, � condemnation.
Lord, any of these could I bear rather than the overwhelming, infinite, piteous love.
God, forgive � I am indeed a Sinner!                        /       From this he nat-
urally gleaned to what was to follow his Sermon � the celebration of the Lord�s
Supper.   That feeling it was the Lord�s table, and not theirs, they invited
All whose hearts bade them �do this in remembrance of Him.�   No mystic
meaning or dogma did he attach to it, � simply the observance of an act of
Jesus Christ, calculated to bid us love him more, and love one another.
�Ye� said he, �if there be any such who think it too simple for your notice,
or that ye need it not; � we do not ask you.     But you� � holding out
both arms with affectionate fervor �who think you�re not good enough! � In
Come! It is for you expressly that it was designed!� �
     My heart had fluttered with desire and timidity till now, but this decided
me.   From my soul I felt as he spake.  So I stayed.
     Very heart-touching was it in its simplicity.   Firstly, two members being
dmitted[admitted] to their Church; �  a little speech being made to them by Chapin,
telling how that it was not their wont to exact professions or vouchers from
those who desired joining them, but usually a verbal assent to some simple
Christian resolutions, of attending worship and being in peace and godliness,
was required.     That over, and shaking their hands; the Sacrament was
given.   A cheerful, pleasant, grave, brief address, reminding us of our duties,
and of the institution of the ceremony, prefaced both the bread and wine.
A prayer and a hymn, during the latter of which we all stood up � (there were               
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