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Text for Page 169 [08-18-1860]

	   Bellew going to England.
with Walt Whitman.          I met �January Searle�
Phillips subsequently.        In the evening Damoreau
came, stayed an hour and I turned out with
him for ale.    He was going to a railroad dep�t
expecting to meet his sister.    Said he�d �lost his
little adultery!�                    Jack Edwards got a
letter from Nast this morning.    He has been in
Naples, abandoned it as unsafe, writes from Si-
cily and thinks his next letter will announce the
time of his return.
  19.  Sunday.  Writing in doors all day, Da-
moreau with me.      In the evening, alone, to Bel-
lew�s.   Found Mrs B., child and neighbor�s little
girl, Bellew just stepped out with Hamilton;
both presently returned.     Bellew sails for Eng-
land within two days by the �Devonshire� � a 
�clipper,� bound for London.   Stayed an hour,
then to Edwards�.       Found the girls, Jack, Haney,
Honeywell and young Brown on the rear stoop, in
the dusky night.        Mr and Mrs E. off for a
day at Nyack, visiting the Nichols.     Stayed till
11 � and, parting with Haney at the 5th Avenue,
took a bit of a lonely walk.       I miss the recent
little suggestion of home feeling that had grown up
during the past two weeks and the invariable re-
action has come.     It was not unalloyed pleasure
while it lasted (what is?) for Matty was sulky,               
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