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Text for Page 170 [08-19-1860]

prone to picking up and inventing offences, after
the American fashion, and Eliza insolent, which
is the state of things just now.    (Haney told the
former to-night that she looked as if the universe
smelt bad, which was whimsically appropriate.)
But how pleasant Grafton begins to look retros-
  20.  Monday.  Bellew came.   Out with him,
to Schaus� picture-shop, where were certain of his
drawings.     Met Hamilton, near his office, at
a Broadway front he was erecting.         At a pho-
tographer�s where Bellew sat for his portrait �
four and twenty little copies.   Parted by the park
in a shower.     I to Nick nax office, saw Larrison
� nothing to do as yet � to the Courier office,
saw Smith and Briggs, to F. Leslie�s and to
the Ill. News.     Here I found Alf Waud and
Eytinge, the former unusually currish and unci-
vil in his demeanor � no meaning in it, merely
manner I suppose!    To Paul�s, he out.       Up-
town met Carpendale, F. Leslie�s inebriated friend
on board the Great Eastern.     Damoreau up in
the evening.   Writing.
  21.  Tuesday.    To Bank�s lodging in Lispe-
nard Street by 8 �, having met him yesterday
and agreed to go together to see Bellew off.   Found
him in the bar-room (it is a French house) which,               
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