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Text for Page 171 [08-21-1860]

	         Banks in Crinoline.
with its French lithographs, little counter and
distant billiard-table looked very sunny, cool
and Parisian.    Dr Dolby � �the sporting Doctor,�
he who visited me during my sickness, who writes
for the Clipper, and was getting out a Flash Dic-
tionary, boards here, too.    I talked with him while
Banks breakfasted and the Doctor professed to
be under a cloud.      Off with Banks.    Going
down Church street, in its present state of demo-
lition, a very respectable looking elderly man stop-
ped to speak with my companion.       I commented
on his appearance and was told the nature of
his communication.   His wife possesses a large
private lying-in establishment, at which it had
been intended that some girl (�in society, by Jove,�
said Banks) should give birth to the result of
an amour with some young fellow, a friend
of his � and of her family (!)    Miscalculating
her time, she had gone into the country, to visit
her uncle, relying on the present fashion to con-
ceal her figure, and there produced her bastard.
Forthwith Banks began to eulogize crinoline,
with �They�ll never give it up! never!�    The
respectable man had remonstrated about his keep-
ing a room vacant for a customer.            To the
Pine street pier, East River, and aboard the
Devonshire.   Found Bellew, wife and child in               
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