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Text for Page 172 [08-21-1860]

	     �Cleared from this Port.�
a sufficiently spacious cabin and were soon joined
by Hamilton and Haney.       Banks went off to
the latter�s office and to Harper�s to get books for
Bellew, and presently returned.    Last came O�Brien,
looking much better than he has of late.     The
usual delay in getting a sailing-vessel off, and
by 1 or 2 we hauled out into the stream.      Desul-
tory talk and looking-on, bread and cheese, ale
and porter below, anon a bottle of brandy on deck.
Day overcast and squally, promising rain.   Most
of the crew had come aboard drunk and we wit-
nessed a certain amount of the brutality which
underlies our half-civilization, in the way of beat-
ing and worse.      There was a savage fight too
between two of the crew, which with what had
preceded it, induced a man to jump overboard.
�Here goes for One!� he said, making a clear
dive into the water and swimming out splendidly.
He had timed it well, for a boat was passing,
which presently took him in � not before he had
shouted from the river bidding ship or ship-tyrants
to go to hell!        Three minutes after another splash
announced another sailor overboard.   He had a
desperately long swim for it, would, I think, have
gone to the bottom, for, at last, he had thrown his
hands up in helpless fashion, if the shouts we
uttered had not attracted the notice of men aboard               
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