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Text for Page 174 [08-21-1860]

	    His Personal Appearance.
To-bed thoroughly tired out.
  I have often intended devoting a page or two
to Bellew, involving a brief sum-up of what I 
know of him, and here�s to do it.          First, he
is a handsome fellow, six feet high, I should
suppose, and powerfully built � a Sail among
artists.    Ten years ago his figure was rather
elegant, in spite of his large feet and hands, 
which he has caricatured time and again; now
he looks a manly, gentlemanly fellow, with a
good deal of latent pugilistic ability in him,
as is the case.      He has but little whisker and
his hair has grown thinnish at the top of his head;
his aspect is ordinarily serious, his nostril pecu-
liar, rising obliquely and larger than common.
He dresses, in general, very plainly and is apt
to be careless with respect to his boots; I never
knew him to indulge in the dandyism of patent
leathers or to appear in any brightly-polished
pedal encasements.   He is reserved in manner,
so much so that to a sanguine person, like my-
self, it sometimes operates as a check.  At the
outset and for some years, I detested him
heartily and he returned the compliment.  In
demeanor I never knew a truer gentleman or
indeed any one who would bear comparison
with him.     There�s a spice of aristocracy and               
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