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Text for Page 177 [08-21-1860]

	     Bellew�s Antecedents.
vanity, falseness and irrationality.   He profes-
sed dislike of impulsive people and, I think,
went to the opposite extreme in his distaste for
the quality.          In England he had commen-
ced his career as a comic artist in drawing
for the Puppet-Show, one of the innumerable
attempts at rivalry with Punch.       Gavarni was
on it, Vizitelly published and Addey (of Momus)
had something to do with it.   Bellew knew
James Hannay, Wilkie Collins and others of
that rank.       With North he was a schoolfellow.
He made Clapp�s acquaintance when that little
vampire came to England.      Bellew�s father
is an ex-Anglo-Indian officer, he wrote a
two volume book entitled the �Adventures of
a Griffin� i.e. an East-Indian Johnny
Raw or Peter Simple.   I remember the name
of the book from an Athenaeum review, years
ago, and have seen a copy in Bellew�s possess-
ion, with illustrations from designs, either
by his own pencil or that of the author.   He
had, too, one number of a projected periodical
on Sketches of Character, published, I think
by Mc Lean of the Haymarket, with etched
figure illustrations by Bellew, as �the Nanny,�
the �Irishman� and the like.   Only one number
was issued.         I suppose the family to be               
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