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Text for Page 181 [08-21-1860]

	    How he Repudiates Them.
that extraordinary �Pasha� project, like the asinine
Irishman he was.      Bellew �went security� and Mrs.
B. wrote a long, supplicatory letter to Paterfamilias,
soliciting him to let Piercie have the gin.      When
he went for his money, which he did more than
once, he found great difficulty in obtaining au-
dience and at last, seeing Mrs. B., she received
him in a manner which convinced him she was
pretty well used to debt-contracting.    Next time
Bellew met him and affected to believe that Mr.
Edwards had insulted his wife!   The money
was never paid; though Bellew gave �a bill� on
somebody, it was not met.   (He does a good
deal in giving �bills� and �orders,� in common with 
such shifty men.)           This occurred three or four
years ago, and papa Edwards has often met
his creditor in Haney�s office but he never has said
a word about cashing up.        When I heard of
Mr Edwards� customer, I thought that were I
Haney, I wouldn�t have introduced him, as there
would sure to be a devil of a delay in getting
the money, but until yesterday (the 22nd,
when Mr Edwards told me the story) I thought
he had been paid.         Liking for Bellew and
maybe interest (for Haney appreciates his value
as an artist, and has a shrewd eye to the
main chance) prevented his trying to get honest               
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