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Text for Page 182 [08-21-1860]

	       Bellew�s Wife.
papa Edwards righted.     I think, though,
he might have suggested Bellew�s drawing
a bill on him and his cashing it, taking the
worth out of Bellew in drawings, for which
there was a constant demand.          How the
money goes which Bellew earns who shall
say?       I have heard it whispered that his wife
is extravagant, but nothing that I have obser-
ved confirms it.    They have moved about from
place to place and that has been attributed
to her also.        Anyway the proverbial skeleton
in every man�s house occupies the nuptial
chamber.    She was another man�s wife,
the mother of other children besides little Ally
when Bellew eloped with her.       I have heard
she lived wretchedly with her first husband,
that he neglected, beat, and was unfaithful to her.
North, O�Brien and Bellew seem to have
visited the house, perhaps they boarded
in it.   The husband, subsequent to the elope-
ment, came bewailing his loss to Smith of
the Courier, who wrote something about it, which
appeared on that paper as did a similar
item by Briggs in the Times.    I remember
reading something of it.    Bellew was wroth
with both Smith and Briggs until within the
last twelvemonth.     O�Brien knows all the               
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