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Text for Page 184 [08-21-1860]

	Bellew�s Love for His Daughter.
attributes Bellew�s sometime shortcomings with
respect to temperance &c to her.         Haney
once told Sally, naming no names, how a
friend of his had come to him and told him
of his misery and harassment in conjunction
with his wife, displaying such emotion that
he, Haney, had nearly wept with him.    This
might have been Bellew; if so he must have
been sorely tried to have burst through his
usual reticence.     Whatever his private suffer-
ings, I never heard him allude to them �
always a trait of a high nature.    For myself
I like Mrs Bellew, she was always kind and
courteous to me and didn�t look too happy.
I believe she loved and admired him of all
things, whatever her way of showing it.  North
she always speaks praisingly of, but hardly
so of O�Brien.        I believe Bellew loves his
child dearer than anything in the world.    He
has drawn her in innumerable pictures, not
a childish dress that she ever appeared in
but has been sketched in some comic cut.  A
pretty child she is too, now about six.     I shall
miss Bellew hugely, he was such a kind fellow
and had no faults towards me.       He goes to
England desiring to make it his permanent
residence.   I think he will return, though               
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