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Text for Page 186 [08-21-1860]

not immediately.     He is hardly rated at his
right value here, there are asses who affect
depreciation of his rare abilities as an artist.

[three small photographs of Frank Bellew]

  These photographs might be better fifty fold
but are yet like him.
  22.  Wednesday.  Scribbling, out awhile
down town wards, called in at W. Leslie�s
Duane Street office, heard how he and his wife
had been to Long Island shore for a week or
two, how Mrs Potter had overcharged him (for
four days during which he revisited the city) how
he had had a row with her over the dinner table
in which he had told her he should either prove
her a liar (!) or apologize to her, how she had
followed him to his room with a notice to quit,
how he thought he should keep her out of her money
until the law had swelled costs in getting it &c
&c.       In the evening to Bellew�s late residence
(to get the sketches left behind) then to 745.
All the girls just gone off, to the Rees�s, with               
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