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Text for Page 187 [08-22-1860]

	 Duplicity of Rosa Bolton
Jack, Haney and Hayes.     Sat awhile in the
work room with Mr and Mrs Edwards.     Parton
came in to visit his mother who was staying
there.       He is going off tomorrow for a trip
to Lake Superior with Fanny, the girls staying
at old Solon Robinson�s farm in the mean time.
  Left at 9, found Lizzie Woodward, Cutler
and Fyte on the stoop, the first carrying on a
flirtation with the last.                     I had a
letter from Hannah to-day.        My last, to her,
was written in dullness, disappointment and des-
pondency, she sends me hope and patience, conso-
lation and the tenderest affection in return � God
love her or it!           Speaking of a visit from
my brother Charley and Rosa Bolton, she tells
how while he and John Bennett walked on ahead,
down the green lane on the return to Banbury,
little Rosa was telling her �tales of Hartley � how
he had carried on with his housekeeper� &c.
Rosa says �she has suffered for his sake.   Char-
ley don�t believe she ever loved Hartley; he cal-
led it a �deep shadow or temptation of a good home,�
he �believes Hartley was trying to gain her love from 
him and blames him, when it is really the
contrary.   Rosa says she shall love Charley as
well as anybody� (suggestive phrase!) �now.�
Hartley appears a cheap, mean dog, mercenary               
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