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Text for Page 097 [05-05-1851]

              [line crossed out]
[words crossed out].           Wet through, and in acute pain from my
knee all the afternoon; after supper Davis came, and at my request went
out and got me some embrocation.     After he had left, I got to bed, and
have till this moment been lying therein, writing up the foregoing three and a half
pages, uninterrupted, save by the good tempered fellows next dor, who brougt
on a glass of ale, and are now abed talking to one another, in growling so-
  6. Tuesday.  Davis came with the picture of the firemen framed.  Making a
drawing for Roberts during the morning. Mr Hart and Dillon called severally.
Send a note to Barth.     Called at Duane Street during the afternoon, and after
sitting awhile, went on to Canal.  The Halls not in.  Got a letter from Alf,
[words crossed out].    News of Brown; � that Lotty hath discarded
him, ( [words crossed out]! ) � that he cares not; � says he�ll go South
and wed an heiress; � he makes $12 a week, and (of course) spends it all, �
taking no thought of his debts; � is smelling after some dirty sensuality; � is disliked
and seen through by his fellow engravers, who use little delicacy in their manner to 
him; speaks �patronizingly� of me  as �poor Tom!�  Bah!          /            Drawing
during the evening.  Joe called.
  7 Wednesday.  Drawing during the forenoon.  After dinner to Roberts, where
I got the mahogany engraving for the Era.     To Spruce Street.  Picton not in.
Met Atwood subsequently on Broadway.             Evening to Canal Street, in
Mr Hall�s room, in company with the old gentleman.   Cross came.  Subsequently
I spake to him of the owing $10 for the engraving.     Shall not get it.   He
both in reply to Mr Hall and myself, partly promised, partly pooh-poohed and 
partly bullied the charges against him.
  8. Thursday.  To Roberts, saw Rogers, the man who wants the drawing I
have in hand, done.   To �Era� Office; to the Room engaged by Andrews in               
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