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Text for Page 188 [08-22-1860]

	          And of her Sister.
withal and no more moral than need be � the
�housekeeper� business is expressive enough.   Rosa
hasn�t told her sister of the approaching marriage,
but complains of her not offering assistance, �
�they seem like strangers to each other.�   And Sarah
Ann �goes to meet George Gardner every night, if
he don�t come to the house� but would throw him
over to-morrow in favor of one of the Heritages
� she told Mary as much.      I despise such selfish-
ness!� adds my Hannah, indignantly.      And Wil-
liam Bolton, he who used to jest about kind Mary
Bennett; who spoke slightingly of her and her sis-
ters want of fortune, has �made pretensions to
her, saying that he had long intended having
her� � how generous of him!   �I expect� writes
Hannah �he heard of her and James Heritage.
William hadn�t seen Mary for some time after
her visit to London, so he went to Charlotte�s
one evening, when she was there, made a great fuss,
talked strongly to her for two hours and got
so excited that it ended in tears!     He declared
somebody had been telling lies about him, sus-
pected she had been �talked to� at Rodney Buil-
dings� (bah!) which honest Mary denied.  Wasn�t
his house good enough for her? he asked.     He
is �fussy� towards Hannah too; I shouldn�t won-
der if he�ll propose to her, as he did successively               
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