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Text for Page 189 [08-22-1860]

             William Bolton and Mary Bennett.
to both my sisters.  (They told me and our mother
of it, but kept it otherwise honorably secret, know-
ing that if it came to his loving sisters� ears, they
would exult infernally over it.)   �With all his
doings he is a miserable man, says �nobody
cares for him but his mother, he is reaping what
he has sown.�   He scoffed at love, affected to
believe all women were impure as the �common
women who go in and out of his house now� on
his sisters assertion.        Honest Mary said him
nay and told him, truthfully, that he had given
her no reason to suppose him a suitor.   So much
for the stock of the rascally old �pig-poker� who
married my father�s father�s rich widow, swind-
led his drunken son out of the farm and begat
sons and daughters.      Oh! Charley! why could-
n�t you find a wife not of his grandchildren?
  Charley and Ned sleep every night at Chig-
well and our father grows weaker.      It must be
but a dull house, now, for my mother and sisters.
  23.  Thursday.  To the �World� office to try
and get something to do.  Saw Stedman, his wife
and lady-friend.      Looked in at �Century� office
and had a chat with Gibbons.       To Post Office.
Met one of Leslie�s companions aboard the �Great
Eastern,� the man who had known Levison, who
told me he had just received a telegraphic dispatch               
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