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Text for Page 190 [08-23-1860]

         Charley�s �nasty, double-dealing girl.�
about his father�s being dangerously stabbed by a
lunatic.      Met Banks, gave him photograph of
Bellew.         Writing hard all the evening, scoring up
Diary, Boweryem present part of the time.          A
letter from my mother, at last.     More of Charley
and his �nasty, double-dealing girl,� whom, however,
my dear mother will love and forgive, if she�ll 
�make him a good wife.�   Charley is �infatuated
with her,� has been and is in such an excited,
nervous state �that he is unfit for business,� and
Bagsters� must be wonderful people to bear with him.�
He and Rosa are to be married next month, but
make a mystery of it, at present.         Mrs. Bezly
of Bloxham, my stout cousin, once Ann Gunn,
now a widow of six months, is going to marry
�old John Drinkwater of the White Lion Inn, in
Banbury,� to the disgust of his children, and of
the Thorns, Bezly�s relatives.  My mother �can
hardly write,� for my father is coughing violently and
follows her about, wherever she goes� � poor father
and sorely-tired mother, too!    �I pray to God to
give me strength equal to my day!� she writes,
and I believe He will.�
  24.  Friday.  To the �World� office again, to
F. Leslie�s &c.   Saw John Wood and got a
bit of gossip anent the �Ill. News,� now apparent-
ly worthy of that abbreviation, for it seems in a               
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