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Text for Page 191 [08-24-1860]

          Heenan talks about �licking� People.
very shaky condition.     One of the proprietors,
the best man has seceded, and Sol Eytinge,
talking about accepting another offer (?) was
induced to remain by the prospect of becoming
a proprietor � having �a third of the profits� or
something of the sort.      Little Nast not getting
his salary remitted in England, borrowed
�20 or �40 of the pugilist Heenan, who
recently presented himself at the office of the
Ill. News and demanded repayment.       At first
they ignored the responsibility when he talked
to Thad. Glover of certain intentions of licking
the establishment.   �I suppose they paid him to
get rid of him and keep the matter quiet,� ad-
ded Wood.          Old Powell happening by, Wood
spoke of his advance into respectability, how he
went decently clad, now, and didn�t loaf round
drinking lager with Watson.    �He has quite a
nice cottage house in Hoboken and his daughter
is really a fine-looking girl, and he don�t come
to me for odd dollars and fifty-cent pieces in
advance,� said my informant.    The ex-sneaky
boy, Wilkins Micawber junior, now earns
money as an engraver.  He learnt it in Leslie�s
office.         Going up town met Hill.   He told
me that he lived at Fordham with Brentnall
and Miss Martin in Lotty�s cottage.    She had               
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