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Text for Page 192 [08-24-1860]

             One of Mrs. Damoreau�s Lies.
let it to its former tenants but for a limited
time, he said.      �They had expected to have
seen me there!�   He, Hill, came to the city every
morning, but Brentnoll hadn�t been to town for
the past three days.              During the afternoon
and evening, until midnight, writing letters to
my mother and to Hannah.
  25.  Saturday.  Out to mail letters, then scrib-
ling all the morning, overhauling and re-writing
�Paul Gower� throughout the afternoon and to 745
in the Evening.       Found only Jack and Sally, Matty
having gone to bed and Haney being with Eliza
at �Wizard� Anderson�s performance.  Mr. and Mrs.
Edwards are at Grafton; they left the city yester-
day, Mr. E. having some paint-business to call
him to the country.        Stayed till 12, Haney
and Eliza returning � resuming friendly relations
with the latter, and walking to 16th street with
the former.
  26.  Sunday.  Damoreau up with �a little
romance in real life� pertinent to his wife�s har-
boring a girl of good family and education, bar-
barously treated by her father and step-mother.  I
defer particulars till I hear �Madame�s� clever letter
on the subject.      Phonography.   By 1 to 22nd st.
and dined at Frank Hillard�s.           He going out with
a friend, I stayed awhile, then went to 15th street,               
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