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Text for Page 193 [08-26-1860]

	          Mrs. Winchester.
and called on Oliver, who goes into the country
in a day or two.   Sat awhile with him, Nichols
and another, then to 20th street to the house of
a Mr. Winchester, where were Damoreau and
his good sister.    Mrs Winchester is was
the widow of George Brown, previous to her last
marriage and is, of course, the sister of Mrs
Morse, once Rebecca Kidder, mother to Lotty.
Since the death of her brother, Miss Brown has
kept up an intimacy with his widow; having failed
in business in Buffalo, she, returning to New York
with the intention of staying here, accepts her ex-sister�s
temporary hospitality.       Charley has been a visitor
at the house, ever since his residence in this city.
I had never seen this aunt of Lotty�s, familiar
as I was, seven and eight years ago, at the
house of the then Mrs Kidder, and frequently
as I have heard her talked of, by �Becky� and
by the Browns.  When I lived at Dobson�s in
Canal Street, George Brown, previous to his coming
marriage with her, took me into the back parlor,
which he and Albert then occupied, to show me the
portrait of his destined bride, whom he talked of
as a lady of high literary and poetical ability.
There are allusions to her scattered throughout my
Diary.   She has been a handsome woman, is
now plump and passee, says she was born in               
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