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Text for Page 194 [08-26-1860]

	         Poor Miss Brown.
1819, has grown up sons and daughters by
her first husband Bartholomew.   (Apropos of
whom, I remember Tom Picton, who knew the
family once, denying that marriage, asserting that
Bartholomew was a rich man, who kept her as
his mistress.        One can�t place much dependence
on what Picton says, and I never heard any-
thing to confirm the story, as I might have done
from Lotty or her mother, though it may be true
enough.)      One of these daughters is married to
a Mr Sturgis, who was present.         Judging from
her portrait painted by George Baker (he who
did that of Lotty; who is married to another
sister of the present Mrs. Morse) and from
photographs, she must be unusually handsome.
Charley does a little raving about her.    There�s a
son in California, brother to this girl; she herself
has or has had a child.         Mrs Winchester was
conversable and hospitable and Miss Emma Brown
soon appeared, claimed me as one of her friends
and talked as of old.      I like this good maiden
sister of Charley�s, none the less in spite of her
queer ways; I like her Englishness.         She adores
Charley, but is constantly objecting to this or that
of his opinions and expressions, and the drollest
scenes occur between them.    We supped in the
basement, Mr Winchester and others being present.               
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