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Text for Page 195 [08-26-1860]

	   A defrauded Compositor.
He is engrossed in some �Hyper-phosphate� patent
medecine remedy for consumption, which seems to
occupy the male portion of the family, including
Sturgis and another son of Mrs W. � a Bar-
tholomew.    We saw no more of the husband
than at supper.          Talked books and things till
9 �, then left with Charley, and I left him
at Edwards�.      The girls, Jack, Haney and
Honeywell there.  Stayed till about 11, and walk-
ed to 16th street with Haney.      He goes, for a day
to Philadelphia, tomorrow.
  27.  Monday.  To Harper�s to take photograph
of Bellew to Bonner &c.    I think J.B. seemed
a trifle dissatisfied at Bellew�s having kept his
departure something of a secret.      To Paul�s,
Street & Smiths�, hither and thither, anon up
town, rather tired and disinheartened.         Wri-
ting letter to Mary Anne.    In the evening [phonography] and
story.    Mc Culloch up, to inquire about Bob Gun,
who, he thinks, hasn�t used him well, in not re-
mitting money owed to him.     Mac lent Gun $50,
during the Pic�s decadence and wants that repaid,
being content to lose wages.   The whole debt, he says,
might amount to $250.              Gun left him a debt
of $100 to collect, which he can�t do.     He supposed
Bob had returned form Havana with plenty of
money and under that impression, talked of wri-               
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