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Text for Page 196 [08-27-1860]

	   Frank Wood�s Love-letters.
ting to Gun�s father.     I disabused him, when
he said he�d wait.          Talking of Cahill, Mac
added, �I�d have given $5 to have saved the �____!�
  A note from Sallie, returning books, with four
P.S�s; one, �Eliza sends her love!�, another �I
would send you mine, only I�m so bashful!� And
a note from Bellew, written on the 22 while being
tugged out to sea.                  Going into Shepherd�s
room this evening, found him with a bundle of
letters and a photograph, which he was about to
return to Frank Wood, from one of the colored
prostitutes of �30� � in consequence of a quarrel
and break off between the pair!                    Syme,
the queer Scotchman went to his native country,
sailing within a week of Bob Gun; Jones got a
paper from him.
  28.  Tuesday.  Out.  Met Hamilton.  To the
World Office in accordance with a note from Stedman
and saw him.           A prospect of a reporter�s berth, to
commence at $16 weekly.            Going down stairs met
Meyers, man who used to know me in Picayune
days, before I went to England, who edited paper out
west, I think at Chicago, who I met a month or
two ago, crossing the Park, who is now �on� the World
at $20, a week.x         Up town, sent speciment work to
Stedman by Boweryem, wrote and did [phonography] the
rest of the evening.       Mrs Boley home from Vermont.
	x A fib of his telling.  He only got $12.    October 20, 1860.               
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