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The Vault at PfaffsAn Archive of Art and Literature by the Bohemians of Antebellum New York
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Text for Page 199 [08-30-1860]

       The Amours of New York �Bohemians.�
these two young men was almost exclusively Phal-
lic, of the strumpets they had known, did know
or desired to know, or of the achievements of others
of the �Bohemian� troop in the same glorious field.
I learnt much of the tainted flesh-market, edifying
in its way.       Apropos of the girl �Belle,� whose
letters to Cahill I possess and of which I made
a digest in this Diary, Clapp has succeeded John
Sears, who succeeded Cahill, in the honorable of-
fice of �fancy man� to her � as Robert Gun inheri-
ted his mistress, after Sears had been in posses-
sion.   For George Arnold he seems the Juan of
the colored sisterhood.   �Belle likes Clapp for
his esprit!� said Wood, anon regretting that all
this valuable experience couldn�t be used in a
literary (!) way � as in Paris!           He was going
off to the country with O�Brien, on Saturday.
Two glasses of punch meantime prevented his
�doing a bit of virtue� at Murray Hill, in other
words visiting some modest girl, to whom he
seemed to imply, he was paying addresses.   With
a charming affectation of depravity and fast-man-
nishness, he professed enjoyment of passing from
the brothel to the drawing room of decent society.
�He was engaged to pass the next night with a
harlot,� he said.             Going through Niblo�s into
the theatre, I left Shepherd there and walked               
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