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Text for Page 200 [08-30-1860]

	To Fordham with Boweryem.
up to 745.     Nobody in the basement; Mr and
Mrs E. in the work-room, the latter busy as usual.
Both had returned from Grafton last night.     Sat
and talked, Mrs E. praising Nast.      Presently
George Edwards came in, and Mrs Pillow, Par-
ton�s mother with her son William.    The first
left soon, and by 10, we went down-stairs, where
all but myself, Mr E. and Pillow dropped off,
awaiting the return of the girls, who with Jack,
Haney, a sister and niece of Rogers�, were at
the theatre.   I was on the point of leaving as
they came in.
  31.  Friday.  Yesterday evening �a dark com-
plexioned lady with her veil down� came for
Shepherd and sat in his room for an hour or
so, during his absence.  This I was told by
our landlady.    I identified the person from what
I�d heard as a �Jenny Henriquez.�     Shepherd
didn�t come home all night.       Writing.    Out
with Boweryem to see Alden�s Printing Machine.
In the afternoon, at Boweryem�s suggestion, to Ford-
ham, where calling at Lotty�s cottage, we found that
she had gone off on a fishing-party.   So we went to
her mother�s, and Morse whom we discovered writing,
with his two children about him, in the hall, welco-
med us hospitably enough.     His wife was out, but
returned.      I stood talking with her, near the rear               
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