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Text for Page 202 [08-31-1860]

	       A Quarrel with Lotty.
take it herself if nobody else did.     I told her she
would have to get upon a high stool, as he was a
tall man, she a little woman.       �You�re a humbug!�
quoth she.  �And your�e another!� said I �and you
know it!�       Then she asked if I wasn�t going to
knock Kinne down, to which I responded by a
decided negative.   Then she�d �get an Irishman to do
it for five dollars,� upon which Brentnall propo-
sed effecting it at half-price.   �Any man who insults
a lady ought to be &c &c!� quoth Lotty. �That�s
so!� adds Brentnall, who, like his class of Eng-
lishman, has a predilection for the acquisition of
Yankee vulgarisms.       There was a little steamer
coming to a landing-place, and we had resolved
to embark thither, so I hurried the interview.   Lotty
asked Boweryem to come and visit her on Sunday;
which he declined on behalf of Mary Bucklin,
whom he goes to see, weekly.   Just as we were set-
ting off, Lotty called to me, said �I knew where
she lived � I could come whenever I chose.�   I
told her I expected a first invitation and shouldn�t
do it.       And so we parted.       The Englishmen
were civil enough.    Brentnall is not a bad-look-
ing fellow, the animal preponderating.   Shouldn�t
wonder if he is in a state of befoolment about
Lotty.          The steamboat ride was very pretty
and we took the horse-cars at Harlem, getting               
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