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Text for Page 204 [08-31-1860]

	           Hunting up Work.
back to New York by 9.     Singing going on the par-
lor; Warne and others there.         Girls in the adjacent
one, �carrying on�; Lizzie Woodward on Fyte�s
knees &c.          Stayed half-an-hour, then to my room
and a little [phonography].
  1.  Saturday.  Writing a bit.  To the �World�
office in accordance with a note from Stedman.
He wanted me to come in the afternoon to see
Marble.       To �Courier� Office previously � lager
with Dunn English, to Post-Office, �Nick-nax�
&c.   At the latter, saw Larrison, who, talking
of things, praised Howard and said that he
(Howard) �had taken a great fancy to him�� where
fore he does the big cats and lion�s share of the 
drawing, very generously, at the prices Bellew
used to get for them!        So I am shouldered out
there; however Larrison gave me two blocks to
do.     Well that I should have tried something to
lift me out of this � only Bellew, I think, believed
in my capacity for drawing; of late I�ve experien-
ced such hard fortune at it, that I have learnt
to doubt it myself.    When by accident, self distrust
or the amiable depreciation of one�s good friends,
or all together, a tide of disfavor sets in against a poor fellow,
how everybody goes with the stream! how what he               
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