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Text for Page 205 [09-01-1860]

          Mrs. Bellew�s former Husband.
has done well is forgotten or slighted! how the
work that would be kindly given to and decently
executed by him goes to the successful man who
don�t need it.         Bitter experience!  One is always
gauged by one�s position, even by those who ought
to know better; one�s havings supposed to be the
correct test of one�s deservings.    It�s not an infal-
lible mode of judging.            I went away up-town
with my two wood-blocks, and down again, after
dinner.   Marble is my �World� acquaintance on
the Great Eastern, a gentlemanly fellow.     It ap-
peared Stedman was rather too fast in engaging
me, but the business is only delayed temporarily.
  Up town to writing.     Evening went to Dixon�s
to get particulars about Garibaldi, when in New
York.     Then by 9 � to Edwards�.       Jack, Miss
Ann, Matty and their father present, the others
had gone to bed.  Mrs E. and Haney came down
stairs anon; I talked with Matty and left with
Haney when near 12.      Speaking with Shep-
herd in his room after supper, this evening, I
learnt a little about Bellew�s wife�s former
husband.   The man had to do with a mistress of
O�Brien, who thrashed him for it, in St John�s
square, and this marital infidelity enabled his
wife to procure a divorce.    This is O�Brien�s
account: I remember hearing something to the               
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