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Text for Page 206 [09-01-1860]

	    O�Brien insults Roberts.
effect that the business was plotted for the
purpose obtained, moral evidence of the man�s
infidelity being undoubted beforehand.  If so, it
may explain Bellew�s toleration of O�B., who
knows that Mrs. B dislikes him and returns
the feeling.              Another O�Brien incident.
He met Roberts of the �Constellation,� in a bar-
room, Clapp, George Arnold, Shepherd and
others being present, when one of the party intro-
duced O�B. to Roberts.          It was subsequent
to the publication of Shelton Mackenzie�s attack
on O�B., who drew himself up inquiring if
Roberts were the publisher of the paper, and
on being answered in the affirmative first
walked aside with him, then returned and
abused him to his face, before those assembled,
as a liar, blackguard, &c.             Roberts took it
sensibly, said that O�B. was surrounded by
friends, he without any, that he didn�t want a
bar-room brawl, but offered his card and
what subsequent satisfaction a private interview
might afford, and so left.             O�Brien asserts
that he sent Wilkins to him with a hostile mes-
sage and that Roberts tendered some apology.
  2.  Sunday.  Looking in Shepherd�s room
found the hero of the last story lying asleep on
the sofa, with a tremendous black eye.  He had               
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