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Text for Page 207 [09-02-1860]

	   An Explanation with Eliza.
come in at daybreak or later, very drunk, want-
ing Shepherd to go out and have a cocktail with
him.     Towards evening I saw him again, with
Shepherd and two others, �hard-looking� men, one
occupying O�Brien�s morning position, but dressed.
�Fitz,� as Shepherd calls him, talked with Sir Mul-
berry Hawk-like accent and his hands were swollen
and bruised.   The little room was hot, in spite of
the day�s coolness, and it smelt of men.   A
suggestive picture of Sunday life among �fast� men.
  Writing and phonography, in doors till evening.
Being too early for Chapin�s (whose church opens to-
day) called on Banks, saw him and Dolby (the
first of whom has �sworn off� drinking till Christ-
mas) then to church, subsequently to 745,   Haney,
Brown and Honeywell there, and the
family, including Miss Ann, George Edwards
and wife.     Sitting between Sally and Eliza,
a great explanation was originated by the latter.
She had overheard me speaking of her and Matty
as American in construing and inventing offense,
in venting little insolences and bits of injustice
on myself, (it was during the walk on the evening
of the day of Matty�s accident,) and Sally taxing 
her with inconsiderateness in what she said and
did, had introduced me as corobberating
it.   Eliza considered Americanism as involving               
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