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Text for Page 208 [09-02-1860]

	Girls like to be liked.     Sally.
the extreme of feminine unamiability and couldn�t
rest satisfied under the impeachment.     So we
had it all out, and she convinced me that I at-
tached too much importance to a girl�s unconsider-
ed words and that she was one of the best of
them.     About the Americanism she would have
it, for a long time, that �I thought so now!�
  Are these records trivial?    Well, they may be,
but it gave me more pleasure than I�ll say to
find that the girl cared enough for my liking to
make the explanation.x          I had distrusted
Sally�s reticence about our confidences in some
degree and girded a little, abstaining from sha-
king hands all round, as I had used to do,
but to-night re-established friendly relations.  She
said she had had �to stand a good deal� about
those same confidences.
  3.  Monday.  To Dixons, then down town
meeting Stedman in the park, to the �Courier�
Office and got Opera tickets for the season, agree-
ing to �do� the Operatic notices as a quid pro
quo, during Morris� absence and longer, if I want
to.    Uptown and down again after dinner, saw
Marble � all right, I to come tomorrow.       Met
  x Maybe it was only hurt approbativeness, after
all.      Who shall say?    A mixed motive, probably.               
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