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Text for Page 209 [09-03-1860]

	    They are all Inquisitive
Larrison and Howard on my way down and
Phillips (of the Ill. News) returning.  To Haney�s
with the latter for a cigar and talk.         Bowery-
em brought Stockton into my room just before tea
time.        To Dixon�s subsequently, then to 745,
gave opera-tickets to Eliza, who went off with
Jack.       I stayed and as usual got talking
with Sally.     Matty was present, and intermit-
tently Ann, Parton�s mother, Mr Edwards
and others.       Sally told particulats about the
comments on our confidences, how in some de-
gree, parental curiosity had been stimulated,
how Haney had designated her �the discoverer of
good qualities in Mr Gunn� &c, which half-
amused, half affected me with a little sad scorn.
He oughtn�t to be jealous or distrustful because I
talk to the girl, because she finds me conversable
with and interested in her.      I was faithful to
him and wished he had won her, with all my
soul; I pleaded against his rival, aye! and
may have effected something � perhaps unjustly.
The girl declares that such overtones as she makes
towards conversation with him are frigidly recei-
ved, that he yet seems resentful, jealous of me.
He told me his passion was extinct, nearly
a year ago, and though I didn�t credit that it
could die so soon, I hadn�t suppose that the               
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