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Text for Page 210 [09-03-1860]

	     About Sally and Myself.
ghost of mortified pride, affection � what you
will � could walk thus long.    �It seems spite-
ful!� says Sally, and draws the just inference
that she did right in refusing him.  By this
conduct he has removed himself farther off than
ever from the girl�s sympathies.       I have drop-
ped into confidential relations with her natural-
ly enough; pretty Matty�s occasional sulkings
and Eliza�s proneness to offence at trifles
render getting along with them difficult and some-
times unpleasant, often my natural impatience
rebels at the attmpt.         In a manner too, she
is alone with them; what wonder if we make
common cause of it and chat for hours toget-
her?       She don�t care for the girding ^|at her| she says.
In truth she can hold her own with singular
ability and calmness.          I have often
thought that hate is only love turned
inside out, and Haney�s case goes to corrobo-
ration of the axiom.      He is exasperated
at what he considers her �perfect indifference� to
him, and tells her sisters of it!         When Miss
Ann entered the room, at about 10 in the eve-
ning, and behld Sally on the sofa and my-
self sitting near her, in a chair, just
as we had appeared an hour and a half pre-
vious, she looked expressively and going over to               
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