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Text for Page 211 [09-03-1860]

	 Haney jealous, suspicious
Haney who had arrived later than usual, in-
quired in a whisper, which was caught by my
companion�s quick ears though I heard nothing;
�Has Sally been going on like that all the evening?�
Sally had predicted Haney wouldn�t come, as
she had displeased him yesterday about last
week�s theatre-going.  He hadn�t mentioned her
in the invitation, leaving it to be inferred that she
might be of the party if she chose, and though
she went, to avoid giving undue importance to the
matter, there was talk of it between him and her,
she unintentionally putting a climax on it by
stating, calmly, that she shouldn�t mind if he
never took her!    That he put down to �perfect
indifference.�     Sally proved so far right in
her guess, that he presently admitted, casually,
that he hadn�t intended to come but felt lonely.
Is love for the girl smouldering in his heart yet,
I wonder? if so, I fear it�s considerably alloy-
ed by that damned self-esteem which makes it
so hard for Americans to show fair play to any
body or anything that conflicts with it�s own 
importance.     I would help him if I could; I
am sorry, now, at the thought he may be un-
happy; but who is happy? who has the right
to think and do injustice because of disappointed
passion.         I don�t love the girl; she knows               
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