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Text for Page 213 [09-03-1860]

	    A delicious Compliment.
on cheaper terms.     Parton used to ridicule Haney,
to make all kinds of fun of him �to the Edwards,
long ago � now he, Jim, is often sorely in
need of sympathy, he has become alive to Haney�s
value.                Did I feel at all like Penden-
nis towards Harry Foker, when the latter is in
loe with Blanche Amory?   Well! yes, a bit of
it.     It�s a compliment that is irresistibly flattering
to a man�s self-love to find that a girl likes
him better than one who has offered all to pur-
chase her liking.     I told Sally that it must be
a matter of surprise to her that I didn�t fall in
love with her, which she denied on the complimentary grounds
of �not enough in her� to provoke it.   This fron
a handsome girl of nineteen to a man of thirty-
four, too!        Ah! Sally!   God find you some-
one to love you with all his heart and brains to
understand you and let us be dear friends al-
ways!     Would you like Hannah, now? and
how would she be affected towards you?, especial-
ly when acquainted with these little episodes �
Query!                        I have never sketched Sal-
ly�s portrait and here it is.           She has a very
fine, clear cut profile, calmly reticent in expres-
sion, dark hair, which might be thicker, and
eyes of a very indefinite color, as most clever wo-
men have.      They are of the light gray order, but               
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