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Text for Page 214 [09-03-1860]

	       Sweet Sally Edwards.
other hues blend in them; not handsome eyes but
characteristic.       Looking at her full face, many
persons would pronounce her a homely girl,
though her generally fair skin and a certain
delicacy of aspect and complexion might very
much modify that decision.        In repose I
have thought her handsome enough, always so
in profile.         Her mouth is very expressive,
not too large or small (better the former than
the latter) with just a little, latent curl in it,
calm, girlish and satirical.      Slender in figure,
generally drest in perfect taste, possessing tact
above any of her age that I have known, clever,
self possessed, prone to saying �pleasant things�
with a quiet audacity singularly refreshing, �
that�s Sally Edwards.     She used to give way
to fits of temper but seems to have attained
self-control, now.   �It comes easier to do as you
go on persevering!� she says.          She was a
�disagreable child� on her own confession � and un-
popular with mother and sisters, I fany.        �I
was despised!� she told me with a laugh and
a peculiar accent common to the family which
I have learnt to like.            �I don�t think you
used to like me until just before we went into
the country,� she said, some recollections of my
suspicion that she was projecting accepting Nast               
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