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Text for Page 215 [09-03-1860]

                   I become a Reporter.
from quite selfish purposes.     Was she?  I won-
der, or had not better motives anything to do
with it?      In one rare quality, Sally is the
honestest of girls, she does not pretend to much,
will tell you what she believes to be truths imi-
tating against herself.     If she gives herself credit
for deep capacity for affection, it is only latent,
in the recesses of her heart.   �Girls are great
humbugs� she�ll say calmly and then acknow-
ledge some spice of it in herself.    Withal she
is so girlish in some things that the blending of
that and womanhood surprises one into strange in-
terest, like a new sensation.                         With
Haney and Knudsen I left about 11, parting
at the basement gate.            I met Miss Maguire
and Mrs Bartow this afternoon, in Broadway.
  4.  Tuesday.  On duty reportorial, at a Book
Trade Sale, twice at it and thrice to the World
Office, the last time at 10 P.M, writing the
latest particulars for tomorrow�s paper, in com-
pletion of my morning�s report.  The rest of the
day scribbling in my own attic.            In Shep-
herd�s room for five minutes after supper, find-
ing foolish young Wood there, to whom and to
Shepherd, enter O�Brien with a big patch over his
eye, carrying a bottle of brandy, and Mullen.
O�B. asked Wood, threateningly, if he (Wood) had               
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