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Text for Page 216 [09-04-1860]

           Mrs. Morse looking for a Servant.
told Stephens, of �Vanity Fair,� of his (O�B�s) �acci-
dent,� which young vapid-depravity denied.  By
Shepherd�s coming up ten mintues afterwards
to ask for a corkscrew I suppose a debauch fini-
shed the evening.
  5.  Wednesday.  Reportorial.  To sundry
Police-stations, the 4th, 6th and 14th, the
worst wards in the city, there to get particulars
about N.Y. Beggars, to Trade Sale, the Office,
then to Bleecker St.    Writing up article, a long
one, till 9 o�clock P.M, then down-town with
it, looking in at sale by the way.    Dead-beat
and frightfully nervous.
  6.  Thursday.  More writing.  (My article had
been �crowded out� yesterday, so I had time to
add to and complete it.)       Sent down copy by
Boweryem, followed myself by 1 �, looking in
at trade-sale by the way.       Off to Yorkville to
report celebration of Lafayette�s birthday by Guards
of that name.      When in the Bowery, Mrs Morse
entred the car, said she had been looking for a
servant for Lotty and vented objurgations against
the race, from which I could have inferred
if I hadn�t known what sort of a mistress and housekeeper Lotty
is.     Her mother got out near the residence of Mrs
Winchester.       Misdirected a mile and more out
of my way, returned, got items and back to               
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