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Text for Page 217 [09-06-1860]

World Office, wrote them up, then up-town.
Found Haney in my room and he stayed to
supper and an hour or so afterwards, when
Boweryem and Shepherd were with me, too.
The two latter left at the time Haney did,
going to the Opera with my tickets and I went
straightway to bed.     I slept but little last
night and for the last four and twenty hours
have had a burning headache and a continual
nervous horror upon me, insomuch that I
could scarcely write or endure to be spoken to.
All ridiculous enough, but none the less painful
to the sufferer.
  7.  Friday.  Office.  An easy day of it.   To
the 4th ward Police station, then up-town, Bowery
way.    Left opera-tickets at 745, for Sally;
Matty opening the door, looking pretty and good-
humored.    When I got home there comes a near lit-
tle note from Sally, thanking me.        To Gurney�s
the photographer�s by the way.   Writing for the
World till 9; Boweryem, Shepherd and Damo-
rean up; out with the latter, left him at 754.
Haney and Welles there, the family, inclusive of
Miss Ann (who is out of a situation, as governess)
Mrs Pillow.   (By the bye, I head something of
her story some time ago.  Her husband deserted her,
eloping, I believe with a married woman.)        Haney,               
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