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Text for Page 218 [09-07-1860]

  Sally looking her best.   Dr. Augustus Rawlings.
Welles and I were leaving, when at the door we
met Sally and Jack, returned from the opera.
Nearly dressed in a light cloak, with a finely-
knit woolen scarf of the comforter order, worn loose-
ly over her hair, and framing her face, Sally
looked very handsome as she gave me a little, warm
tightly-gloved hand.        I thought of the different
relations on which we three stood towards the girl;
Haney rejected, Welles unavowed, I not her lover
but in her confidence.     I wondered if her beauty
gave Haney a pang as he walked home through
the night and felt sorry to think it might be
so.       But I liked the little hand in mine.   I
don�t think our confidence will last, but while
it does, I like it.
  8.  Saturday.  Did up Opera article for Cou-
rier, down town with it and to the World Office.
Up-town, again, after a visit to the 4th Ward
Police Station, to Gurney�s.     There I found
one Dr. Augustus Rawlings, recently an employee
of F. Leslie�s bragging and brattling about a
recent row betwixt them, which has got into the
papers.    This fellow is an Englishmanx of the
most offensive style, to use an expressive vulga-
rism a �blower,� who had an equally objectionable
brother in the employ of the rival paper.      Rawlings
claimed to have pulled Leslie�s mustaches, to
	x A mistake.  Born, of English parents, in Baltimore.               
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