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Text for Page 222 [09-08-1860]

	      We �get up a Cotillion.�
villainous-faced ogress urging men to dance.   In
this, as in the former, as in all the places visi-
ted most of the women were German or Dutch.
The men, in their common working clothes, looked
shabby enough.   Some of �the girls� danced with
one another, in default of partners.             Turning
out again we stood under shelter from the
drenching rain at a street-corner, where our
Serjeant conversed with one of the girls.  Stand-
ing bare headed, in her gay dress and exposed
shoulders, she was as ugly as ugly could be, hard,
rascally, masculine.            The next den we found
in temporary darkness, water having got into the
gas, from the meter.        Light being obtained
it appeared a dance house of some space and
pretensions � indeed it proved a notorious place,
once kept by Pat Dawson, �king of the 4th
ward� as he was called.        Here one woman
was handsome.   At Williams� suggestion, Shep-
herd, Haney and I danced, getting up a cotil-
lion.     Shepherd chose the good-looking girl
for a partner, I one of Israelitish aspect, who
had previously distinguished herself in a schottis-
che by a �tulipe orageuse� demonstration suggestive
of the Jardin Mabille.       I didn�t observe Haney�s 
partner; a stranger made up the set.                It must
have been a queer spectacle, Shepherd slim, gentle-               
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