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Text for Page 223 [09-08-1860]

	  Fourth Ward Dance-Houses.
manly and moustached, talking to his partner
with a ball room air (which rather confounded her),
I in black from head to foot, a cap and spec-
tacles (put on to see the more) blundering through
the figures, and Haney buttoned up and dextrous.
The dance over we �treated� our partners.     They
only drank �soda� and but a sip of that, being
forbidden from anything stronger until past midnight,
when their getting drunk wouldn�t interfere with
�business.�        The last place we visited was
perhaps the most odious, for many of the women
were dressed in a caricature of the ballet, in
short skirts, descending but little below the knee.
They all wore cloth boots and white or pink stock-
ings.            The night proved rather unfavorable,
the rain dulling everything, so at about 12 � we
relinquished our quest for this time.   On our way
to the station house Damoreau pointed out a fel-
low lying under a cart, veritably in the gutter,
black mud, filth and rain surrounding him, he
snoring the snore of drunkenness.    Half an hours
talk in the Serjeant�s neat room, then up-town
wards.   An thus ended an evening on duty for
a religious paper!
  9.  Sunday.  Writing till the afternoon, then
to 16th street, to call on Haney, but Jack Ed-
wards had carried him off.       Half an hour�s               
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