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Text for Page 224 [09-09-1860]

	News and Death of Andreotti.
gossip with Mrs Potter.     News of Mrs Church.
She has visited the place of Andreotti�s nativity,
experienced a friendly reception from his mother
and discovered that he did not misrepresent his
position as she had distrusted.  The man himself
is dead; he returned home, went insane in a caf�
while reading an American newspaper (nothing
particular in it) and died raving in a lunatic
asylum ten days after.   It appears his marriage
with Miss Church was a bigamy; that he had
privately been united to the Kentucky lady he was
supposed to have seduced, who died � I think
poisoned herself.    Andreotti having secured Mrs
Church�s money went secretly to Philadelphia
to meet her.       Mrs Potter was extremely friend-
ly and saponaceous with me, insomuch that I
wasn�t a bit surprised to hear from Leslie,
that she had abused me pretty recently.   In Les-
lie�s room with him and his wife, supped,
stayed an hour, then to Chapin�s.  He didn�t 
preach, so to 745.    The family, excepting Jack,
Matty and their father (who presently came in,
from a visit to the Hayes� at Mrs Potters) in-
cluding Miss Ann.   Haney, Knudsen and Honey-
well there.      Promiscuous talk and presently
the inevitable tete a tete with Sally.          Walked
home with Haney and up and down together,               
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